Welcome! This site is called Terrified Films, because horror films, while scaring us (hopefully), also reflect back fears that we and society hold. By watching the film, these fears play out, and may (or often may not) be resolved. In looking at what the film is afraid of, so to speak, we can get a little more of a taste of the bigger picture.

Who am I? I am a training psychoanalyst with a degree in film theory. This website is my new outlet for the articles that I write for fun but end up kept saved on a hard-drive to wither away in lonely, digital silence. From Found Footage gems to Avant-Garde turds, horror is my passion. On this site, I post my thoughts and analyses of various films. Naturally, these posts may contain spoilers… and some theory too, but hopefully the theory doesn’t spoil it for you.

That being said, I”m inevitably wrong, as an opinion is never “right.” That’s why conversation is so great, and so important, so let me know what you think about my take and tell me what your take is! Also, I’m always interested in film suggestions